3 Token System

Cross The Ages has developed a thriving economy that is based on 3 different tokens, with each one offering its own independent utility. These offer players an intriguing opportunity to earn rewards while gaming, all of which are easily obtained by simply doing what you do best: collecting, trading, and selling cards!


Crystals are the in-game tokens used within our Cross The Ages universe and could be considered the most important currency that players use. You can earn Crystals by participating in community events, special promotions, staking, challenges, and plenty more! Crystals are meant to act as a “stable token” to provide easy access to rewards for all of our players.

If you plan on partaking in off-chain activities, you’ll be using Crystals for everything; whether it’s buying packs, cards, or even skins, Crystals are the key. You can even purchase booster packs or mint brand new NFTs using them!

Once you’re satisfied with the number of Crystals you’ve collected, you can exchange them on the in-game marketplace for CTA tokens using the current exchange rate and eventually convert them into the currency of your choice. You can also choose to take your CTA tokens and invest in even more Cross The Ages NFTs to prepare for the blockchain gaming revolution!


Gold is the second in-game token that is used within Cross The Ages and is another off-chain “soft currency” that cannot be traded. Instead, Gold is used for merging digital cards to create more powerful (and effective) variations of the base card that are much rarer, and in turn more valuable as well.

This is a great way to keep things competitive and fair for players who collect an abundance of duplicates, as well as weed out bots. You don’t always have to pack the most powerful items possible to have a shot at reigning supreme on the leaderboards with the merging system, and all of it is based on Gold.

CTA Token

Arguably the most important token is our $CTA utility token, one which offers players access to off-series NFTs that are incredibly valuable, secret tournaments, and plenty of other exclusive content! $CTA tokens are used for the minting/merging of NFTs, as well as the printing of NFC smart contracts.

Not only that, the $CTA token is used for all on-chain activities, meaning it’s a trade-able blockchain-based token — you simply earn Crystals in-game and then convert them into $CTA to realize your crypto gaming profits!

An Undeniable Experience

All three of these tokens come together to create one of the most innovative and unique play-to-earn gaming experiences the masses have seen so far. If you’re a fan of trading card games like Magic: The Gathering, you don’t want to miss out on your chance to get in early.

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