Benefits of owning the first Cross The Ages collection

The Cross the Ages universe tells a tale of two very distinct worlds. One world, Arkhante and the other Mantris are both housed on the continent of Artellium, however each civilization is vastly different.

In the east, Arkhantian people harness magic, while to the west is Mantris, an ultra-connected civilization where technology reigns. Separated by the Rift, the two civilizations have a conflicting history where magic and technology have been their superpowers, each with equal strength.

During the first presale, you will have the opportunity to acquire an Arkhante edition NFT booster pack. These NFT packs will never be reissued. This sale will end 3 weeks before the game launch.

By opening the pack, you will be able to discover cards from the Arkhante region. Among them, you can find up to 5 mythical cards, and thus 5 mythical characters from the world of Arkhante.

1. Gain Early Access to the CTA’s game

Arkhante edition NFT pack will allow players to access the game 3 weeks in advance before the official release of the game.

The early access represents a unique opportunity for players to get several strategic advantages:

  • Playing the game and gain new cards in advance
  • Learning about the gameplay, combos between cards and strategy in-game
  • Start trading NFT cards

Note: You will need a pack to play the game. If you missed the chance of getting the whitelist on the packs, they are still available for purchase on the secondary market via OpenSea, which will provide access to the beta.

2. Guaranteed Mythic NFT Cards

Early access Arkhante edition NFT booster packs will contain guaranteed mythic cards.

The content and details of what you can get in the NFT booster packs are as follows:

Apprentice NFT Pack: 20 cards

  • 10 common, 3 uncommon3 rare1 ultra rare, 1 mythic
  • +2 foiled cards guaranteed with at least one rare
  • All cards are already minted into NFTs (avoiding you $20 worth of minting fees if those cards were digital ones)

Disciple NFT Pack: 25 cards

  • 8 common, 3 uncommon6 rare3 ultra rare, 3 mythic
  • +2 foiled cards guaranteed with at least one ultra rare
  • All cards are already minted into NFTs (avoiding you $25 worth of meeting fees if those cards were digital ones)

Primus NFT Pack: 30 cards

  • 3 common, 3 uncommon9 rare6 ultra rare, 6 mythic
  • +3 foiled cards guaranteed with at least one mythic
  • All cards are already minted into NFTs (avoiding you $30 worth of minting fees if those cards were digital ones)

After the release of the game

The chances of acquiring a mythic card after the game launch is much lower, for example:

  • The ratio for players to get 1 mythic card is 1 in every 24 packs
  • The ratio for players to get 1 mythic foil card is 1 in every 240 packs

3. Minted NFT Cards & Packs

Early access Arkhante edition packs are limited NFT packs. When you unpack your booster, your cards are already minted, and you will be able to obtain 20 to 30 NFT cards depending on which pack you choose to open.

There won’t be any Arkhante edition NFT booster packs available for minting after the game release. The only Arkhante edition NFT packs remaining will be the one on the secondary market.

Digital packs will be available after the game launch, but users will need to mint each card one by one to get the NFT version.

The 5 mythics in the Arkhante Edition — First CTA Collection

Here are the five mythics characters you will be able to find in your early access packs.


Under the hood that covers his face with darkness, Shado hides the pallor of an albino, but that is the least of his secrets. Among the seven Arkhomes, the power of the shadow remains the most terrible. Born among the nomads near the Masada desert, Shado has seen his family and his village swept away by a terrible disease. Faust spots the wandering boy and initiates him. Shado soon shows an extraordinary affinity with the insonde, the shadow wave. When his master dies fighting Chaka, Shado becomes the new Primus of the Shadow.


The Fire Primus leaves no one indifferent. With her hard gaze, the lower half of her face riddled with scars, and her rebellious attitude, intimidated by nothing, you would be both fascinated and fearful. If Sarash crackles with determination, it’s because her character was forged in the flames of a terrible magical accident, which has scarred her body as well as her memory. She knows intimately the price of magic… and does not hesitate to make those who dare to challenge her discover it!


Tumul stares out at the world with his rough, stubborn eyes. The old man’s face looks like an engraved rock with wrinkles. His astonishingly frail body goes nowhere without a huge block of mineral floating above it. Sometimes, without warning, the facets of the rock rearrange themselves, in tune with his thoughts. For such is the true power of the Primus of the Earth: everything that vibrates has resonated or will one day resonate in the stone.


Solis is the youngest Malkah in the history of Arkhante. Since she ascended the carved throne after the sudden death of her father, the Malek Tornhil, she has cast her amethyst gaze over the dynasts, eager to see her fail, and the Primus of the seven arkhomes, divided over her ability to maintain the kingdom’s magical legacy. Yet she proves to be surprisingly resilient, far from the image of a naive princess that people have been quick to attribute to her. For she has an ambitious plan in mind: to return to the eighth kingdom, which became the Rift during the Heroes’ War.


Brinhold is the only opal drake, the famous chromatic mount of the royal family.
His wingspan of scratched leather is so wide that it is said he can outshine the sun.
The songs say that Brinhold is the Legendary creature of the eighth magic, the one that even the Primus doubt exists. It is impossible to be certain, even if the egg from which Brinhold was born was offered to the carved Throne five hundred years ago by those same Primus…

By the end of this yearwe will release the Mantris Edition, which will be the second collection of Cross the Ages.

About Cross The Ages

Cross The Ages (CTA) is a mobile-first collectible card game set in a dystopian clash of worlds, based on seven fantasy and science fiction novels. Players compete individually and in teams for valuable NFTs while going on Metaverse quests to discover priceless ‘easter eggs’ hidden in the novels. CTA, built on blockchain technology, offers a full value cycle from mobile gaming to desktop gaming, then finally to physical collectible cards, leveraging near field communication technology.

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