CTA Early Access Whitelisting Event

Cross the Ages is making waves in the NFT gaming sector and we have you to thank for it! We’re thrilled to see our community grow at the rate which it has been as we’ve topped 66K on Twitter, 200K on Instagram, and 25K on Discord. Amid this incredible growth, we have received countless messages asking when our future players can get their hands on some CTA NFT cards.

Today, we are pleased to inform you all that a window of opportunity will open for 20,000 lucky individuals, as we announce our first-ever early access NFT Whitelisting event for our community!

The Benefits of Early Access

We’ve been paying close attention to what other games are doing right, and also, what they could improve on. We noticed that when many games finally launch, they do so without a mature player base, meaning, there are an insufficient number of users readily equipped with in-game assets to create a competitive gaming environment from the start.

Our Early Access Whitelist event will ensure 20,000 users can acquire at least 20 NFT cards, the minimum required to play the game, while others will have the chance to purchase 30. This collection will serve as an abundant starter pack that ensures players can begin their CTA play-to-earn adventure and contributes to a robust in-game economy from the moment we launch.

You can submit your entry to be whitelisted by clicking this link : Link.

Promotional Pack Info

The total number of promotional packs to be distributed is 20,000 with 2,000 standard packs for the free giveaway (list 1) and 18,000 for the whitelist paid packs (list 2). Please note that all paid packs will contain at least 1 mythic card!

Below you’ll find the list of promotional packs, both free and paid, along with the number of NFTs in each and a hint at which rarities you can expect to find in your pack!

  • Standard Pack — Standard packs are FREE (regular price 30usd) and will contain 20 NFTs. Standard packs will contain no mythic cards.
  • Apprentice Pack — The price of the Apprentice pack is 100usd with a minimum of 20 NFTs guaranteed and 3 mythic cards
  • Disciple Pack — The price of the Disciple pack is 250usd with a minimum of 25 NFTs and 3 mythic cards
  • Primus Pack — The price of the Primus pack is 500usd with a minimum of 30 NFTs and 6 mythic cards

Guidelines and Rarities

Whitelist winners are not required to mint their NFTs. Instead, CTA will airdrop the cards to each person to avoid gas fees or hassles. Early access cards also guarantee that winners receive rare NFTs in their packs. The types of cards will be drawn from 145 characters based on the elemental Western Arkhante territory of Artellium, the CTA continent.

Some of the more popular characters that winners can expect to see in their packs are Shado, Solis, Aurelius, and Hannibal. Card rarities range from common, uncommon, rare, super rare, and mystic. All whitelist winners are guaranteed to receive at least aone mythic card inwith the first pack they purchase. The Disciplesecond pack will contain 25 cards in total and 3 mythics and the Primusthird pack will contain 30 cards in total and 6 mythics.

Just think, you start your play-to-earn journey with early access to our game and dominate the battlefield with some of the rarest and most powerful NFT cards in all of the CTA metaverse!

Stay Tuned to Our Socials!

In the coming days, we will provide our community with updates and announce our 20,000 whitelist winners through our social channels. Be sure to stay tuned and good luck to all participants! As always, we are eternally grateful for your continued support.

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