Card details

1 – Chain (0 – 5): Represents the animation level of the NFT card. This influence only the visual aspect of the card. No chain mean the card is only digital and not an NFT.

2 – Arkhome : Represents the element of the card. Nature, Earth, Darkness, Water, Fire, Light, Air.

3 – Frame :

  • The texture of the frame represents the extension to which the card belongs (this one is Arkhante)
  • The color of the frame represents the rarity of the card
  • In game, the frame color will show who currently owns the card.

4 – Power : Power of the card between 450 to 750 (without bonus)

5 – Grade :

  • The number of gems represents the grade after merging and awakening (base, C, B, A, S)
  • The color of gems also represents the rarity of the card (Common, Uncommon, Rare, UltraRare, SuperRare, Mythic, Exclusive, Unique)

6 – Leader icon : This icon is only visible for leaders cards.

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