Get cards

6 ways to get cards

Free Chests

You can earn cards in free chests by playing the game : Daily, Weekly & Rewards.

These chests can be claim/unlock only after define period of : 3,6 or 12 hours.

You can increase chests slots by purchasing ‘premium slots’ with passes to be able to get more cards !

Classic Chests

  • Classic chest price : about 3$ in PRANA
  • 1 Chest : 10 cards
  • 1st column represent the number of chest by pack : from 1 to 48
  • 2nd column represent the number of card by rarity include for sure in the pack
  • 3rd column represent the number of card by rarity you may get in the pack
  • 4th columns represent the total of card in the pack

Example  : you purchase a pack of 12 chests for a total of 120 cards.
You will get for sure 72 Common, 24 Uncommon, 9 Rare and 2 UltraRare.
But you will get also 1 Rare+ card whose can be randomly : Rare, UltraRare or Mythic one.
Moreover, you will have 12 Common+ cards that can be randomly : Common, Uncommon, Rare, UltraRare or Mythic ones.

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