1. Ranks

          Each card can evolve from rank 1 to 5. Rank 1 is basic rank and 5 the highest.

          The picture shows how many cards of the same rarity are needed to reach the maximum rank.

          For Commun, Uncommun and Rare cards, each rank corresponds to 20% of potential of evolution (no informations yet for ‘ultra rare’ and ‘mythic’ ranks system, perhaps only 3 ranks for mythics, 1 card to reach 50% potential…etc…)

          Example :

          • For common cards you need 6 cards (30 / 5) to reach rank 2
          • For uncommun you need 2 cards (10 / 5) to reach rank 2
          • For rare cards 1 card is enough to reach rank 2…

          For merging, it is not necessary to have only identical cards, but it is necessary to have cards of the same rarity.

          Gems can be used to replace a card during merging, the gem will be considered as an identical card.

          Each rank give +15 power bonus, so we can get a total of +60.

              2. Awakening

                  After reaching the maximum rank, you will have the choice of awakening your card to gain even more power.

                  The awakening will give a random rank (see picture), with another power bonus depending on the rank obtained.

                      (Values beside are not accurate)

                          Grade C : +20 | Grade B : +35 | Grade A : +50  | Grade S : +65

                              You must use identical cards (or gem) to have a 100% chance of getting an identical alternative card (see pictures below), and have more chance to obtain higher rank !

                                  3. Alternative-combo

                                      Finally, it will also be possible in some cases to merge 2 different alternative cards to obtain an alternative-combo card with one or the other of the elements (at choice or random?)…like the “Solis – Shadow” card here…

                                      If the alternative cards have a different rank, the new card will have at least the lowest rank.

                                      Example : rank B + rank A => random rank B to S

                                      Power gain : +25

                                          4. To resume

                                              You can merge your cards to get +60 power with ranks.

                                              You can next awaken them to get +20 to +65 power more.

                                              And if alternative-combo exist for this cards, you can finally obtain +25 power.

                                              Total :

                                              + 80 to 125 power for alternative

                                              + 105 to 150 power for alternative-combo

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