How is the game played ?

      Cross The Ages : Trading Card Game (TCG) is played on a four-by-four (4×4) square grid of blank spaces where the cards will be placed.

      How is a game setup ?

      • A coin-flip decides who begins.
      • Players start with 10 playable cards (a mix of battle cards and field cards).
      • Each turn, a player can discard and draw a new card up to 3 times per match.
      • Each player plays 8 times (16 turns in total).
      • Each player has a 5 minutes limit to play the whole match.
      • The countdown is paused when it’s not your turn.

      How to win ?

      • At the end of the game, if you own more cards on the board than your opponent.
      • If your opponent’s time limit reaches zero.
      • If both players own 8 cards on the board but you have more time left than your opponent.

        How to capture a card ?

        • To change the ownership of a card, you need to put a card in a cell that is adjacent (whether it is top, left or right).
        • When you put a card that is adjacent to an opponent’s card, your card will try to capture the opponent’s card. The attack is automatically started against every eligible adjacent card at the same time (top, bottom, left and right).
        • Your attack is based on the power of your card, including every modifier such as advantages applied to it. It is then compared to the power of the card you attack, including every modifier applied to it too.
        • If your attack is successful, you claim ownership of the card and this new card will attempt a capture itself. This effect is limited by your chain counter displayed at the top of the board. Otherwise, nothing happen.

            Types of cards

            Battle cards

            The cards that you play on the board to capture your opponent’s cards and/or defend your positions.


            Leader card & special attack

            • The leader is drawn systematically at the beginning of a game.
            • Playing a leader boosts all your characters of the same element.
            • Increase your chain counter by 1 as long as your leader is in your possession.

            Field card

            • Field cards don’t take space on the board.
            • Playing a field card will not end your turn.
            • Field cards boost the power of ALL the cards related to the element of the field card played. This effect lasts multiple turns and can be negated by the opponent.

                  Elements relationships


                  • If your card’s element has an advantage over the element of your opponent’s card, your battle card will receive a bonus of power value (+150 points) during the attack only.
                  • If your card’s element has a disadvantage over the element of your opponent’s card, your battle card will receive a malus of power value (-150 points) during the attack only.


                  The affinities system allows you to boost the power of the cards you own if they are close to an allied card with an element related to them.

                  Two type of affinities :

                  • Simple affinity is an affinity between two cards.
                  • Double affinity is an affinity between three cards.
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